MDA: Investing In Yourself. Believing in Your Dreams.

MDA builds custom family homes that are backed by a leading trusted National Home Warranty. (Click here to learn more about National Home Warranty and why we chose it). All of our work is 100% guaranteed with Home Owner’s Protection and a 2-5-10 year warranty.

At MDA, our team works with you during each stage of your home building experience from vision to planning, execution and construction. We are with you from the time you create your initial vision, supporting you through all the steps from finding, financing and purchasing the land, through to the moment we hand you the keys!

At MDA, we are determined to ensure that we understand your vision and values before we even support the undertaking of your new project and we have a proprietary process to assist you to plan a dream home that will truly meet your needs. The MDA system is process based and allows for flexibility in design and input while working within established project modules so that you can be sure that the home you end up with is even more appropriate for both your short term and your needs than you initially anticipated.

We are connected to a network of professionals who we work with so that we can provide a seamless, hassle free and secure experience to our clients who are often making the major life investment that will create stability and security for generations. We understand the significance and we value and respect the trust that our clients place with us.

Our proprietary transparent and responsive process treats the project as the living system that it is and we provide a structured, yet flexible approach to planning that ensures that you have continual access to regular status updates .

Succession Planning

We are able to design your home so that it remains accessible and relevant for your needs as your family and circumstances change. When you work with MDA, you create an enduring relationship with a builder who is able to continually update your home to meet your needs as your life requires. We understand that your home is the foundation of your family’s long term security, stability and financial autonomy and we can assist you to build a home that is relevant, beautiful and which provides long term peace of mind.

Our mission is to build long term relationships with our clients. We do not have a marketing budget because rather trying to sell to ever new people, we at MDA would rather put all of our efforts into taking care of our existing clients and letting them return year after year, project after project.

Products and Suppliers

MDA rigorously researches existing and emergent products using a sustainability framework which uses triple bottom line analysis to help you to ensure that the products that we use in your home are responsive to your values and needs. When you contract with MDA, you participate in a decision making process which keeps you at the helm, while providing you access to a range of products that will resonate with your values.