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MDA Approach

You’ll recognize our people. We’re the ones listening closely, taking notes and asking the right kinds of questions. Questions that reveal the uniqueness of your particular project. No project is the same, regardless of size. Each project has its own particular vision and its own special complexities. We train our team to listen carefully. There will be no rush to impress you with quick answers or cookie cutter style solutions. We are listening to learn whether your project lines up with our unique abilities, equipment and style.

We will not waste your time, or our own time. Construction and real estate is a business relying on an impeccable sense of timing and a respect for deadlines.  We understand how valuable time is and we demonstrate our respect for time from the first interaction you have with us. We will only bid on projects where we know we can bring effective solutions to the unique challenges of your project. We don’t take on every project, but if we take on a project, rest assured that we will execute it with a degree of excellence that make the process so enjoyable, secure and profitable that you will want to do it again and again!          

We understand that while real estate and construction are perfectly positioned at this time to generate prosperity and substantial returns on investment, that this does not happen automatically. In fact, regardless of the potential to make healthy ROI in construction and land development, it is the outcome of a long process of well executed steps. It is not a money making machine. Whether it is a renovation for your family home or a multi-story commercial building, in order to be able to generate a healthy return on your investments of time, energy and money, the project must be executed in a seamless manner. There must not be any question of the quality of materials or workmanship, there must not be any redo’s or delays due to poor communication, safety issues, inspection failures, labour shortages or equipment rental delays.

We at MDA are proud of our track record of delivering creative, time sensitive and cost-effective, solutions on some of the most unique and complex land development and construction projects our clients have presented us with. We are always interested in collaborating with people who share our values and our passion for building excellence. Whether we decide to work together at the inception of your project or as a general contractor or supplier of services, we will provide you with an experience of security, peace of mind and transparency.

Whether its construction and comprehensive design build projects to redesigns, retrofits and renovations, MDA will work closely with you to envision, plan and create.

At the end, “MDA will Bring Your Vision to Life”